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I’m adding a couple of new things to the shop. I want to give a variety and try a few things to see if people like them as much as I do. Besides the shirts I now have this:
Everyday Bag with Squirrel print

I call it the Everyday Bag with Squirrel Print. This product is made to order. Right now this sand color is what I am offering, but I will be looking into more soon. The product is great. It has a little hook on the inside that I can place my keys in and its perfect for throwing a little knitting project or a book in for when you are on the road or at the park with the kids.

Squirrel Print, close up.

Another accessory, the Hedgehog and Toadstool Zip Top Wallet. Perfect for holding your money and cards.
hedgehog and toadstool print

All my products are fair trade and made with ethical practices.

A note on shop orders. As of this next Monday, the 5th of December, I will no longer be taking custom orders beyond what I currently have in stock. What this means is, I do have quite a few blank women’s and kids shirts here in stock. If I have it in stock, I can certainly print it for you. Beyond that, I will place my last bulk order on Tuesday morning.

Last day of Shipping will be Monday, December 19th. I suggest by that point, depending on where you live that you discuss me doing Priority Mail.

Finally, I have to post this photo of Cami. She’s such a fun little bear, some days so full of imagination I wish I could just jump into that little mind of hers and see what she’s thinking.
Love the mind of a 5 year old!
I took this on Sunday night when we got back from our big Thanksgiving roadtrip. Chris and I were folding loads of laundry and Cami and Noah were off playing on their own. Cami took over one of our laundry baskets and made it into a little row boat. Don’t you just love her little outfit, wings and all! Looking at that silk, makes me think I need to order and make a few more of these. They are so beautiful and Cami loves playing with them.

I just got this book in the mail today! Looking forward to making some Christmas gifts this week. :-)

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  1. Cami is such a cutie. My two inspire me in just the same way…right down to the laundry basket boat/car/whatever! Thanks for the shop reminder!

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