Watercolor beads and bracelets

Last week Cami made some beaded bracelets. It was a couple day process, creating when Noah was taking his afternoon nap and before her rest time.
painted wooden beads
Materials that we used (all can be found at the local craft store):
• Plain wooden beads
• Watercolors
• Beeswax
• Metal beads
• Elastic cord
loves painting
She started by painting the beads with the watercolors. When they had dried (the next day) we finished the beads with beeswax.
We set the beads out in the sun and waited for them to dry.
stringing beads
After drying, Cami beaded them. Early in the week we were at a friends’ house and she had a trick of tying a single bead to the bottom of the elastic as a stopper while beading the others. Cami counted 2 wooden beads, one metal bead.
beautiful bracelets
They are beautiful. In my opinion, definitely prettier than anything you would buy at the store. I’m sure we’ll be making more of these, especially with her Aunt Beka. They are a perfect gift for little friends too.

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  1. another fabulous watercolor craft.
    love it!

  2. Those are beautiful! They look like something one would pay a lot of money for at Anthropology.

  3. This is great. And perfect timing on your part. I now know what the kiddos will be making for Mother’s Day gifts.

    Thank you!!!!

  4. When you say you finished them with beeswax, what do you mean? They’re lovely!

  5. Cute! those bracelets look awesome all stacked up.

  6. Those are beautiful! And a great picture on top of it all!

  7. We are making them now, but don’t know what to do w/ the beeswax. We melted it, and are trying to paint it on, but it’s a bit clumpy. ?? Help!

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