free art displayed at their level

Today was once again another rainy cool day here. So we ended up painting inside. Watercolors, paper & wood were all pulled out.
Noah got in on the painting fun (so much that he dumped his water glass on the floor) and painted the wall beside him.

The frames that I bought were the $1.00 frames with no glass that is sold at Michael’s. In my opinion they are the perfect frame for artwork at the kids level. A few weeks ago, I read on Mandy Gerth’s blog about Feed Your Soul, a site with free artwork downloads. Camille and I went to the site and she chose her favorite prints to put in our frames. We hung them in the playroom, just at their level. (Artists from left to right: Mandy Gerth, Stephanie Corfee, and Adrienne Vita)

One thing about these frames is you have to back it on your own. Camille & I decided to use the watercolor paper that they painted to back the prints. Looks fabulous even from the back, doesn’t it?!

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  1. These look great! I need to do this project. We have had 10 days of straight rain…make that 11, here in Houston. Luckily it hasn’t been all day every day, but today is a wash-out.

    Don’t you just love Mandy?

    • tinytwistcreative says:

      She’s awesome. Definitely looking forward to her coming back from her blogging break. :-)

  2. i love it soooo much that my art is being displayed in this way. it looks wonderful. i love the free-spirited feel of the painted frames! bravo : )

    • tinytwistcreative says:

      Thanks Stephanie! Your picture is just beautiful & such a perfect addition to our playroom.

  3. Erin … I can’t wait to be able to try some of your ideas when my little one gets a bit older :)

  4. They look fantastic!

  5. Fun projects…. Keeping kids busy can be challenging.

  6. I love putting up my kids artwork, I’ll be posting some pics tomorrow of some stuff they did!

  7. Those frames are beautiful!! And isn’t the feedyoursoul site just awesome??!!
    A beautiful project!! So happy I found your blog today!
    xo maureen

    • tinytwistcreative says:

      Love Feed Your Soul & so does my daughter. She loves scrolling through the beautiful artwork with me.

  8. Very cute and creative, I love the idea of art at kids level, I can’t wait till we have children!

  9. What a sweet project. Love your blog! :)

  10. What a wonderful idea. A beautiful way to display our children’s art and decorate their room.

  11. What an awesome idea! Love that website!

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