thrifted and repurposed toy cradle

A while ago the kids and I hit the thrift shops by our house and I found a cute little wooden cradle for Cami’s stuffed animals and dolls. I gave her a few baby blankets from when she was a baby and that’s what she’s been using for them to lie on and cover them. In the past week or so, I’ve come up with a better solution which was of no cost.

My guy recently informed me that we needed to get some new towels. We have a few newer ones, but the ones from when we were first married are quite tattered and discolored. So while the kids were sleeping and Chris was gone, I carefully cut up a bunch of the old tattered towels to the dimensions of Cami’s cradle and stacked them. I then took some thread and pulled it through in several spots to tack it all together. I used the quilt from the previous pillow for Cami, and covered the towels.
It actually turned into a perfect little mattress.

Next thing was a project I did with a little help from Cami last week while Noah was napping. We took one of her old baby blankets and cut it to twice the size of cradle mattress. I folded it in half and used some fabric that I had bought at the beginning of the year out of the scrap bin to finish off the sides and make a matching pillow. The pillow we actually filled with the extra fabric from the blanket (carefully folded and placed in) and a little bit of stuffing to make it look just right.

It actually turned out. A lovely little spot for Cami’s bear, bunny and dolls. I still have quite a few tattered towels to still use up, anyone have any other good ideas on how to repurpose these?

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  1. Great idea Erin! As for ideas for repurposing towels … we always used the old beat up towels when we were washing the car. You could also donate them to a local animal shelter as well.

  2. Oh, it looks so very sweet!
    Craft Hope is collecting scraps of towels for the efforts of cleaning wildlife affected by the oil spill…

  3. so perfect! i love how it came out. great job. you could always make some kids wash clothes too! my towels have been cut into perfect little squares to make into washclothes but have been sitting in my crafting closet for a year and a half!! someday!

  4. Erin- this is such a great idea, and turned out so cute! I also use old junky towels as clean-up rags: for the car, dusting, or spot-mopping the floor, etc.

  5. if they’re in good shape you could use them to make baby gift towels. also i think i spied some good thrift shops in north park san diego!

  6. So very sweet! I’m sure Cami loves it.

  7. there is something so very satisfying about finding something old and making it into a treasured ‘new’ heirloom.
    what a beautiful toy!

  8. Definately donate them to an animal shelter. They always can use things like towels, old comforters, blankets, etc.

  9. I love having a dolly crib for my girls, too. There is something satisfying about encouraging their nurturing skills.

  10. Ahh thank you Erin, i have almost the exact same cradle – thrifted too – many a moon ago i made a mattress from an old piece of furniture foam and covered it with some pretty, but old, fabric – this is so much nicer; perhaps it is time for a make over because we have many frayed old towels and now unused baby blankets which need a new life.

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