this moment | planting seeds

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  1. Yeah for seed planting!
    Very sweet garden helper you have there ;)

  2. Really love this photo, the colours are great – as is that flowery dress :o)

  3. Nice depth of field. And your subject matter is oh so pretty.

  4. Super photo and gorgeous little gardener!

  5. A lovely moment and a fashionable little helper you have!

  6. she is concentrating so hard on her task. love it!

  7. I hope to be in the backyard this afternoon with my 5 year old too! Although a nap sounds so appealing right now…too much multi-tasking this morning! ;)

  8. We’ll have to get Cami and Whit together real soon to do some gardening :) So happy they got to hang out last night. Blessings to you today!

  9. erin…this is precious. i especially loved that you wrote “cultivating creativity” as one of the post links at the bottom.
    you are such a great mama.
    thanks for inspiring me.

  10. How fun! Fell a little behind with my planting intentions so I bought some plants already started instead of beginning with seeds. Tomatoes, cukes and peppers…yum! I love this time of year (:

  11. your daughter is just precious! i love your photography and processing. the garden looks like so much fun…. i’m hoping to start one with my son some time this year!

  12. yes.,,,, awesome aperture! nice photography, nice little gardener too!
    xxxxxxx love, angelina

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